1. Grand

    There are four of them, two from each side. They have lived through the worst century in human history, at least one world war, several wars in their home country. They were not ruined by the internet, social media, TVs and smartphones. Family was all that mattered to them, they were simple but not stupid, peaceful but not weak. […]

    June 5, 2016
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  2. Heal

    Brought to life fresh from a deep well refusing to be repressed hangs by the lashes then takes a stroll I let it be free, I let it heal if only it heals you too            

    April 5, 2016
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  3. The Real and handless

    you find yourself in a pool of shit many bail from the stench only the Real jump in to give you a hand or three those hands you cherich for roses will do… for a while except when you’re drownin’ roses won’t do shit only undying hands will show in a split   — thank you, the Real and handless

    April 21, 2015
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