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December 14, 2015

Nightwaker Therapy

Imagination: YESS… yesss, tonight’s the night! Everyone take your position, he’s summoning us. HeartBeater pick up the tempo — let’s go let’s go. Paint me a scene of a magical encounter, mute the surroundings, switch to camera 1 as he gazes at her from a distance. Slow closeup on her eyes, dim everything else … okay now blow a breeze on her hair, yea that’s the one – slow speed to 75%.

“Hello”, as he gently holds her hand.

I: Make his stomach tingle, HeartBeater raise up that volume, keep it rhythmic, keep it primal.

I: Put a sparkle in his eyes, nurse please dose him some testosterone immediately, we need to hide his fragility. Confidence is key.

“How have you been?” …

I: Decrease eyelids shutting speed by 400% .. wait for it, wait fooor it … now.

… , he blinks once.

I: What the … security, keep those memories out of my set.

her lips slowly approach, her eyes glow with desire

goosebumps cover her skin, electric pulses overtake her

Security: All clear sir.

“I… I have missed you”.

Reality: Hello there, there’s something you need to know.

I: What? Not now, can’t you see I’m busy? Yea let’s cue the blushing in 3, 2, 1, Go. Who are you?

“I have so many things to tell you, but I don’t know where to start”.

R: You reallllly need to know this, I’m tell…

I: Oh yes release the curiosity chemicals, give me some anticipation-build-up music. Calm, slowly now, perfect.

R: I’m telling you your little scene is not going to end well.

“I need to tell you that”…

I: This is IT, this is the fucking moment. All systems prepare to launch at full capacity, overload the senses, override the logic gates, let’s make this body tremble with ecstasy.

R: She has moved on, remember?

*Automatic shutdown initiated – all systems off in 30 seconds*

I: What … the … hell … did … you … just … do. I waited for this night for months, and then you come ruin it for me in a matter of seconds… You’re a piece of shit you know that right?

R: I’m fine with that. Now excuse me while I suck the magic out of everything. Cue the sad chemicals, HeartBeater keep that rhythm but put some clipping into it, let it physically hurt. Let’s give this kid a reality check, security I need you to lock up Mr. Imagination here until further notice.

I: You can destroy me for now, but my story will be told!

nightwaker therapy for cureless imagination