1. European mind games with Arabic lead actors

    Walking on the far edge of a sidewalk, not to disturb anyone, I put my hoodie on and my head down – can’t be seen if I can’t see. I look up for orientation, a mother with her angel of a child pass near me, the child smiles at me, I smile back, the mother protectively puts her hand over her […]

    October 6, 2016

  2. Passing

    On some days weary eyes and bleak light, chirping birds and non-stop chatter about clothes and last night’s party I imagine an empty room instead a child chases a butterfly while his mother calls on him, his hands outrun his feet, he falls and cries an old couple moves slowly with hands behind their backs, looking at […]

    August 25, 2016

  3. Grand

    There are four of them, two from each side. They have lived through the worst century in human history, at least one world war, several wars in their home country. They were not ruined by the internet, social media, TVs and smartphones. Family was all that mattered to them, they were simple but not stupid, peaceful but not weak. […]

    June 5, 2016

  4. Heal

    Brought to life fresh from a deep well refusing to be repressed hangs by the lashes then takes a stroll I let it be free, I let it heal if only it heals you too            

    April 5, 2016

  5. Nightwaker Therapy

    Imagination: YESS… yesss, tonight’s the night! Everyone take your position, he’s summoning us. HeartBeater pick up the tempo — let’s go let’s go. Paint me a scene of a magical encounter, mute the surroundings, switch to camera 1 as he gazes at her from a distance. Slow closeup on her eyes, dim everything else … okay now […]

    December 14, 2015

  6. سكينة

    في البداية والنهاية سكينة وما بينهما البحث عنها -السعادة الدائمة وهم الأرواح الفارغة- …مسكينة يا سكينة لكنت اختبأت أيضاً فالحياة ضجيج وجودي والموت وجودك

    December 1, 2015

  7. 190E

    We went on road trips, soaked in the sea air while listening to all sorts of music, but it got tiring after a while; summer heat was killing us. You’d flash a red light and I’d get it, we all need to slow down from time to time to not burnout. At times you’d go from perfectly normal to simply off, […]

    September 18, 2015

  8. Lifepain dukkha

    Some decade ago, I had these repeating thoughts about social issues, started discussing them with close friends, only to be called unrealistic. One even said he had no idea I was a socialist – I had no idea what socialism meant. Began searching for books to quench my thirst on these matters, and Thomas Moore’s “Utopia” had […]

    July 7, 2015

  9. The Real and handless

    you find yourself in a pool of shit many bail from the stench only the Real jump in to give you a hand or three those hands you cherich for roses will do… for a while except when you’re drownin’ roses won’t do shit only undying hands will show in a split   — thank you, the Real and handless

    April 21, 2015

  10. Naturally-high Superman

    I have my ups and downs, but there’s that one night where I found myself naturally high with love and Superman. If there’s true happiness in this world, I had found it for a few minutes, the child spoke and I forgot myself. “Superman“, he randomly said. I could not explain the child, but the trigger was her.

    April 15, 2015